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Madden 15 included significant improvements in the likeness of coaches and star players. Coaches and players were photographed at high resolution and these images were brought together using an internal tool in order to create a detailed model of that character's head.

After the finishing touches were applied to the character models and textures by artists, the assets needed to be processed and exported to game.

Head Tool GUI sketch

Tool Details

Use Case: Character artist who is modeling and texturing the likeness of a game character needs to assign traits and export the asset for a Gen4 or Gen3 console game build.

Summary: I worked with a lead artist and Houdini specialist to develop the Houdini head tool, which manages hundreds of unique player and coach heads.

Production problems addressed:

- Takes raw ZBrush output and maps it to two sets of standard head topology, one for a Gen4 console build and one for a Gen3 console build

- Lets artist easily assign skintone, eye color, and iris/pupil size

- Allows for individual head placement and sizing while conforming to standard neck geometry, eye size and mouthbag geometry

- Uses Houdini's compositing tools to map the artist's Gen4 textures onto a Gen3 UV layout

- Drop down menu allows artists to select a character by name, updated in real time from the main asset database

- Batch tools allow technical artists to specify a list of heads to be processed at once

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