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Twisted in the Dark interior The Fire That Scours cover
Dragon Mural Dune interior art
Pen and ink Werewolf Illustration Pen and ink character portrait
Mother Deathbringer, His Scythe of Vengeance Daykeeper and Servant Character Sheets
Life Drawing Chalk Pastel Study
Charcoal Pencil Study Patrician

Freelance Illustration

I worked with the collectible chapbook publisher Wormhole Books between 2000 and 2005. Projects include two Dune stories by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, cover art for Edward Bryant and Connie Willis, and illustration for a variety of other science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors.

- some images contain nudity -

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While She Was Out by Edward Bryant Twisted in the Dark by Judith Post Pink Marble and Never Say Die by Dawn Dunn Dune: Hunting Harkonnens interior Dune: Hunting Harkonnens interior
Pioneer by Melanie Tem The Fire That Scours by Edward Bryant cover image Dune: Hunting Harkonnens interior illustration Twisted in the Dark by Judith Post interior 2 Dune: Fremen Justice interior illustration



Crinos werewolf pen and ink illustration