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Twisted in the Dark interior The Fire That Scours cover
Dragon Mural Dune interior art
Pen and ink Werewolf Illustration Pen and ink character portrait
Mother Deathbringer, His Scythe of Vengeance Daykeeper and Servant Character Sheets
Life Drawing Chalk Pastel Study
Charcoal Pencil Study Patrician

Craft acrylics on wall, 25 hours, 3.5'x3', 2004 - (click to enlarge)

The commission was open: paint me a dragon.

My mother would have had it done in her study, but the walls were covered with bookshelves. Not enough light in the living room. So she picked the downstairs bathroom.

Now, when she has a houseguest, she doesn't always mention who'll be watching, when they ask where the bathroom is.



I'm a night owl, so this mural got painted between midnights and 3am's over the course of a few weeks.