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Head Tool

Madden 15 Houdini Head Tool

Head Tool

Madden 15 Crowds

Madden 13 Broadcasters

Madden 13 Broadcasters

Madden 12 Fireworks

Madden 12 Fireworks

HandPoser Tool

HandPoser (python)

Scenebuilder Tool
Create Texture Pipeline Script
Prepare Animation MEL Script Prepare Animation (MEL)
RIB Editor Tool RIB Editor (perl)
Tools and Scripting
Houdini - MEL - C# - HLSL - python - perl
A few of the tools I've developed as a Tech Artist for games and TD for film. Code samples available on request.

Madden 15 Houdini Head ToolMadden 15 Coaches
Houdini Head Tool

Madden 15 uses a new head scanning process to create a realistic likeness of coaches and star players. I worked with an art domain specialist to implement a Houdini tool for managing the hundreds of unique heads.

Madden 15 CrowdsMadden 15 Crowds
Asset Management

I worked with the team creating the Madden 15 and NCAA series crowds, to implement more highly detailed assets. I have been working with the Football crowd system for five years, through several art and animation overhauls.

Madden 13 BroadcastersMadden 13 Broadcasters
Facial Animation Support

The Madden 13 Broadcasters pioneered a new evolution of facial technology. I worked with animators, software engineers and character artists to set up the facial rigging system and overhaul the pipeline for getting data into game.

Madden 12 FireworksMadden 12 Team Runouts
VFX Support

In 2010, the Madden NFL franchine hadn't focused on VFX since the previous console generation. I got the ancient VFX system working again to create fireworks for the team runouts. Later, when a dedicated VFX artist was hired, I worked with him one-on-one to teach and fully document the system.

SceneBuilder GUI iconSceneBuilder (python)

An animation tool for loading a set of character and prop rigs into a MotionBuilder scene and applying body and face animation.

Previoiusly animators had used a set of Python scripts to merge up to a dozen rigs into a scene one by one. The process could take more than an hour and the scripts were prone to breaking. SceneBuilder cut the build time to about five minutes.

SceneBuilder GUI iconHandPoser (Python)

An animation tool for posing character hands. The animator sees pictures of each hand pose, which can be organized and categorized under tabs. They can right-click to apply a pose to any character in their MotionBuilder scene.

SceneBuilder GUI iconPrepare Crowd Animation (MEL)

A pipeline script for converting new MotionBuilder animation data back to a legacy Maya animation system that still needed to be maintained for dev reasons.

SceneBuilder GUI iconExport PSD as Texture (C# and Javascript)

A pipeline script for artists which converts their PSD textures into game-ready assets. The artist imports the PSD into the asset management software and hits the Export Texture button. The script builds an asset for each texture group within the PSD (color, spec, occlusion, etc.) and exports it as a TGA. Each TGA is given the appropriate parameters and built for game.

SceneBuilder GUI iconRIB Editor (Perl with Glade GUI)

A GUI to allow lighting artists to easily change a sequence of RenderMan RIB files after they had been rendered out.

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