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R'sakk-Hsien (The Dead Rasakk)

R'sakk-Hsien (3-hr study), acrylic on canvas paper, 9"x12", 2007.

Even the bandits who prowl the fringes of Rasakk territory stay away from the demon cave. They left their man where he lay with the spear in him - as if it had grown right through muscle and bone.

But there aren't any demons in the cave - just the young men and women who drove them out even as they themselves were driven out of their home.

Halfway across the world from Daria and Teraf, a small band of the shapeless are struggling for survival.


The difficulty of getting bold, vivid colors in watercolor finally frustrated me enough to go back to one of my first loves - acrylic. Digital matte painting can yield gorgeous colors, but I still prefer the effects I can get with a physical brush in my hand.

This 3-hour sketch is my third attempt at getting back into practice.


October 19, 2007
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