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Karnese Tarot: Temperance

A young, pretty black woman kneels facing the left in front of a twilight or underground pool. Rising from the pool and silhouetted behind her is a pale yellow and golden orange iris, glowing as if it's on fire and haloed in flame. One petal is dripping water. Reflected under the water is a hellebore flower, tinted pale violet and with an aqua halo, and with its leaves burned around the edges. The woman is looking pensively at a jug in each hand and pouring between them water that turns into fire as it reaches the other jug. A white butterfly is nearby.




Temperance is Qi's card: Qi of The Water Song, the trilogy that accompanies the Karnese tarot. This one has only the most tenuous link to Karn, but it's still a part of the story.

The card is about the reconciliation of impossible opposites. A paradox at first glance, but with enough complexity of understanding it's possible to tease out the subtle distinctions and nuances that allow it to exist. It's about working with the forces that hold polar opposites apart, about balancing them and through that balance, like positive and negative numbers that can keep increasing as long as they are equal, tapping into quantities that would otherwise be too great to manage.



Digital painting, Photosop and Wacom tablet

February 2012
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