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Fiona and Sha matte painting   Fiona and the Speritu acrylic painting
Dead Rasakk Acrylic Sketch   Daria on the Frontier
The Griff Place watercolor study   Ua'lin Pen and Ink
Somewhere on Karn   Crystal Kifu
Karnese Tarot: Ace of Coins

A young, thin man with long dark hair and a fur tunic, with craftsman's tools on his belt, reaches into the ground and cups his hands around a human heart. The veins and arteries leading from the heart flow into the roots of the trees around him. In the sky is a colorful spiral.




He is tiroth, who are jungle folk and crafters. They are also very easily distracted by shiny colorful things.

Tirothi craftsmen understand that the natural, material world can offer all the resources they could ever need for a successful project, if they only open themselves to its possibilities. They reach deep into the wild and let their own blood mingle with the blood of the trees. Instead of being limited by their surroundings, they capitalize on its unique traits to build beautiful things.

Digital painting, Photosop and Wacom tablet

January 2011
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