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Karnese Tarot: The High Priestess

Elderly woman in deep indigo robes, with the burnished skin and amber eyes of the rsakk. One eye is hidden behind a gauzy veil and the other looks directly at the querant. Behind her hang strands of shells, and outside the window she stands beside are the two moons of Karn. Her right hand holds a flame and a white flower, and her left hand points out the window, past a rotting fruit on the window ledge.



She is a rsakk high Grehti and a master of both the delicate and that which consumes.

The Karnese Grehti is the steward of the change, a figure terrifying in its intimacy. The Grehti steps into your mind when you're learning to shift forms, and once there, is unshakeable. The tremendous inner strength which they project can be a benevolent force which guides you into realizing your potential for wildness, or an implacable barrier if you stray from their path. The priest or priestess becomes the temporary master of your unconscious. In their guardianship of mystery, the extent of their power is also unknowable.

The strands of shells are a superstition older than most people can remember; it's believed that sleeping under them will protect a priest from evil spirits.

It's actually true. A toren could not shift back out of their insubstantial form within striking range without ending up with strings and shells embedded in their body.


Digital painting, Photosop and MotionComputing tablet


October 2010
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