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The Demon of Eilieah
or so they'll say

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(Stop. No fly,) Ua'sha repeated.

Shawmus landed on top of a nearby boulder, his massive wings folding around him.

(No hurt Fiona/Mother,) Ua'sha sent.

Fiona, sprawled amongst the rocks, tried to scramble to her feet, but her shaking arms slipped from underneath her. The little boy threw himself over her, growling deep in his throat. In another time and place she would have been shocked to hear that noise coming from a four year old child.

(Ua'sha - run - get away!) Fiona sent.

It wasn't a little boy then, but a wolf-cub, his paws braced awkwardly on the rock. A shadow fell over them both as Shawmus opened his beak to seize Ua'sha by the scruff.

Instead, a panicked streak of fur launched itself at him.

His head arching back, Shawmus shrieked into the sky.

- The Water Song

Acrylic on canvas paper, 16"x12"

December 23 , 2008
Copyright 2007-2012 Joanna Erbach. All rights reserved.